Apple: iOS 12 usage at 70 percent


The current iPhone and iPad operating system is being adopted faster than its previous predecessor. This is shown by current figures from the manufacturer itself.

70 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who drop by Apple’s App Store software store with their device are using a current version of iOS. That’s what the manufacturer’s official statistics show, which was updated this week.

According to these data, iOS 12 was clearly ahead as of December 3, followed by its predecessor iOS 11 with 21 percent. Older versions of the mobile operating system are no longer listed individually by Apple; together they were only 9 percent.

Newer devices have iOS 12 more frequently

In newer devices, iOS 12 was even more common. 72 percent of iPhones and iPads that Apple has sold in the last four years run on iOS 12. iOS 11 usage is 21 percent, while older iOS versions (iOS 10 and earlier) shrink to 7 percent.

iOS 11 was less popular – also because of bugs

The adoption of iOS 12 was faster than its predecessor iOS 11. At the beginning of December 2017, this operating system was only represented on 59 percent of the devices using the App Store, possibly because it was considered to be comparatively buggy. iOS 12 was explicitly promoted by Apple to be more stable and perform better; in fact, it also runs faster on older iPhones than its predecessor.

iOS 12 also runs on five-year-old devices

iOS 12 was officially launched on the market on September 17, with the beta phase starting in the summer. Devices down to the iPhone 5s and iPad Mini 2 models released in 2013 are compatible, although not every function is also available on older hardware. The most recent iOS version is iOS 12.1, with which group FaceTime video chats and more emojis came onto the devices, and Apple has also unlocked the dual SIM function on iPhone XS, XS Max and XR with it. 

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