Best Power Banks 2019 – Buyer´s Guide


Many consumers today use different mobile devices in their everyday lives, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. If you also use this technology on a daily basis, then you probably know that the batteries often run out quite quickly. So it’s all the better that with a good power bank you always benefit from a practical energy storage device when you’re on the move.

The bandwidth of the Powerbanks is immensely diverse. There are hundreds of models of different brands. On this page we present the best Powerbanks from the top manufacturers Anker, AUKEY and Co. and show you what you should pay attention to when using them.

1. Anker PowerCore 26.800 mAh

When it comes to choosing a mobile power bank, you should pay particular attention to capacity. The higher it is, the more charging you can do with a full charge. An absolute bestseller at Amazon with a capacity of up to 26,800 mAh is the Anker PowerCore Powerbank.

The manufacturer offers the Anker Powerbank in four different capacities and three different colours for order. The compact design of this device is particularly interesting. This Powerbank supports the PowerIQ technology, which makes it possible to charge your devices very quickly.

The weight of the Anker PowerCore Powerbank is also limited to 355 g, so that the device can be conveniently stowed away for mobile use. Anker also relies on certified safety for this model. Thanks to the multi-protection safety system, connected devices are secured to the maximum, so that there can be no overvoltages or the like, for example.

2. Poweradd Pilot X7 20000mAh

From the brand Poweradd we would like to present you a Powerbank, which is characterized by a lower price and is already available for less than 20 €. This model comes with a 20,000 mAh rechargeable battery, which most smartphones use to recharge multiple times.

It is worth mentioning that Poweradd’s Powerbank automatically detects the current of the connected technology and automatically sets the fastest possible charging speed. This is a big advantage in comparison to many cheap Powerbanks, because you often benefit from up to twice as fast charging.

The LEDs on the Poweradd Powerbank’s case surface also indicate the charge level. Charging can be easily started by connecting the technical devices to the Powerbank. When the connected device is fully charged, the Poweradd Powerbank automatically stops charging.

3. CoolReall Power Bank 20.000 mAh

Another good Powerbank is the model with 20,000 mAh of the manufacturer CoolReall. This external battery with a practical LED status indicator can be used for many different devices, such as smartphones, tablets and many more.

The CoolReall Powerbank offers a total of three USB outputs. Thus the parallel charging of up to three devices is possible in practice. The CoolReall Powerbank is charged via a mini USB connection.

Security plays an important role with this Powerbank. The manufacturer offers various safety guarantees concerning overcharging, possible short circuits and other problems with the battery. Thus a safe handling is possible in practice.

4. Anker PowerCore 5.000mAh

If you are looking for a particularly small power bench, the PowerCore model from Anker is more suitable for you. This external battery with 5,000 mAh charges for example the Apple iPhone 6S 2x and the Samsung Galaxy S7 at least 1x completely. So here you’ll benefit more from a particularly compact design, with which you can provide the short energy boost.

Just like the much larger brother of the Anker PowerCore, this model also offers the practical high-speed charging technology. The device is based on two charging techniques so that each device can be charged as quickly as possible. In addition, Anker integrates the VoltageBoost, which prevents cable resistance.

5. Poweradd Pilot 5GS 20.000mAh

Another alternative in the Powerbank market is offered by the manufacturer Poweradd. The Pilot 5GS model offers a total of 20,000mAh and thus provides sufficient charge volume to power smartphones several times.

For the Pilot 5GS 20,000mAh Powerbank, the manufacturer Poweradd relies on a compact plastic housing and aluminum that leaves a noble impression. This model also automatically detects which device is connected and adjusts the current optimally. In this respect, you benefit from the fastest possible charging option.

6. EasyAcc Power Bank

The EasyAcc brand, which sells its technical equipment primarily on Amazon, also offers a Powerbank that has received very good ratings from customers. With a capacity of up to 15,000 mAh, the EasyAcc Powerbank ensures that you can charge your technical devices conveniently while on the move.

With the Apple iPhone 7, a good three charges are possible with a full 10,000 mAh EasyAcc Powerbank battery. With the Samsung Galaxy S6, there are 2.5 charges due to the larger battery. So you can look forward to a sufficient capacity to guarantee the mobile power supply.

Many customers who have committed themselves to the EasyAcc Powerbank praise the compact design as well as the workmanship. Thus, the EasyAcc Powerbank can be conveniently stored in pockets.

7. ToHLo Power Bank

A Powerbank that scores with good ratings is the model of the manufacturer ToHLo. Compared to many other models that we have presented to you on this page, this Powerbank features an LED display that accurately indicates the current state of charge and does not have the classic LED dots. This means that you can check the charge level comfortably and much more accurately to see what is really practical.

ToHLo’s external battery also offers a capacity of 20,000 mAh and can therefore be used for multiple recharges on standard smartphones.

Of course, you can’t count on a slim design with such a large battery, which ToHLo offers for you here. If, on the other hand, a large capacity should be very important for you, this power bank is a good choice for you.

8. Poweradd Pilot 2GS Power Bank

With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, the Powerbank of the Poweradd brand stands out. The Pilot 2GS model is also very slim and therefore easy to transport in everyday life. A total of two USB outputs are also available. In this respect the simultaneous charging of several devices is no problem with the Poweradd Pilot 2GS Powerbank.

The Poweradd Pilot 2GS Powerbank also supports a strong 2A input current. This battery can be recharged comfortably within only six hours. This saves a lot of time.

9. Poweradd Slim 2

Compared to the already introduced Poweradd Pilot 2GS Powerbank, the Poweradd Slim 2 is the mini version that offers half the capacity. With a total of 5,000 mAh, you can benefit from a classic charging option.

The Poweradd Slim 2 external battery is available in a total of five different colors. A total of four LEDs are available to show you the current charge status.

10. RAVPower 26800mAh

This RAVPower brand power bank has a capacity of 26800 mAh and can charge almost all popular smartphones several times from 0 to 100%, which is very convenient in everyday use, unless you always have a suitable power source.

Manufacturer’s output power rating is 5.5A. A total of three USB ports are also available, which you can operate in parallel.

The RAVPower 26800mAh Powerbank’s iSmart technology, which is used exclusively in this model, is particularly interesting. The Powerbank automatically detects the optimal charge strength of the connected devices and adjusts it accordingly. This guarantees the fastest and most efficient charging of your smartphones and other electrical devices equipped with a rechargeable battery.

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