Best Gaming Keyboards 2019 – Buyer´s Guide


For PC gamers, the keyboard is the most important input device next to the mouse. It must react reliably to many and often also to quickly successive keystrokes. In addition, a gaming keyboard should be extremely robust in order to survive sudden rage attacks unharmed – keyword Ragequit! In addition, comfort features such as separate, programmable special keys, lighting effects, and wrist rest ensure convenient operation.

We had a total of twelve different gaming keyboards in the big comparison test. The price range of the keyboards ranges from 220 to 65 euros. In the test, we found that a good keyboard for gamers doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune.

Brief overview: Our recommendations

1.Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

The best gaming keyboard is the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. The features, the workmanship and the reliable, fast input are right here. The latter feature is mainly due to the built-in Cherry MX Speed Silver switches, which are currently among the fastest mechanical switches on the market. Alternatively, the Corsair is also available with the brown switch variant. For some, the Silver switches might be a bit too smooth, which could result in inadvertent wrong entries.

Especially in terms of material quality, the competition doesn’t lag behind, as Corsair relies on brushed aircraft aluminum for the case. This not only looks noble, but also makes the keyboard extremely robust. In addition, the test winner offers RGB single key illumination, a removable wrist rest, additional macro keys, a separate multimedia control and an additional USB port. All this has its price, of course: the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is the second most expensive keyboard in the test.

2.Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2

The Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 is a bit cheaper, but equipped with not quite as high quality materials as our test winner. When it comes to design, not much has changed with the new edition of the popular classic. New, however, is the removable, padded wrist-rest. A bit of a pity: There are separate, freely assignable macro keys, but the manufacturer outsources all other functions such as the multimedia control to the F keys as a double assignment. In our opinion, this is somewhat cumbersome, as the player first has to press the function key in parallel in order to reduce the volume, for example.

This model is equipped with self-developed mechanical switches, which Razer has manufactured by Kaihua. Our test device is equipped with the tactile variant “Razer Green”, but it is also available with the Yellow and Orange switches. Programmable RGB lighting is also available. On the side, there is also a connection hub with a USB 2.0 and audio connection.

3.Roccat Isku+ Force FX RGB

The Roccat Isku+ Force FX RGB is a bit out of the line because it doesn’t have mechanical keys, but instead relies on an analog alternative. The special thing about this is that the QWEASD keys react differently depending on how hard the player presses them. This opens up new input possibilities. For example, a vehicle can be accelerated more smoothly because the car only accelerates full throttle when the button is pressed completely.

In addition, there are many other techniques such as double key assignment called EasyShift, real-time macro recording and RGB lighting. However, the analog keys don’t reach the input quality of mechanical switches, and the keyboard doesn’t look quite as good due to its plastic housing.

4.Logitech G613

The Logitech G613 is the only gaming keyboard in this test that doesn’t require a connection cable. The signals are transmitted wirelessly to a small USB receiver on the PC via the so-called Lightspeed technology. Lightspeed was developed by Logitech itself and works thanks to sophisticated algorithms also error-free and fast – a must for gamers. Another special feature is the fact that this is even the first keyboard with fast, mechanical switches of the type Romer-G – also developed by Logitech, the production takes over the well-known manufacturer Omron.

In addition, parallel coupling via Bluetooth is also possible in order to switch between input for different devices such as the tablet or TV at the touch of a button. The power supply is provided by two commercially available AA batteries, which, according to the manufacturer, should supply the keyboard with power for up to 18 months. The manufacturer has integrated energy-saving technologies for this purpose – and also dispenses with comprehensive key illumination. Even the feel of this rather expensive keyboard is not the noblest.

5.Sharkoon Skiller SGK3

With the Sharkoon Skiller SGK3 you get a real price-performance killer on your desk. Despite the low price of less than 70 Euros, this keyboard is equipped with mechanical Kailh switches, which even offer programmable RGB single key illumination. A total of three different switch variants are available. The manufacturer is also very careful when it comes to material selection and uses a robust metal top plate. The scope of equipment of the SGK3 at this price point really surprised us, and positively.

Our test device was equipped with the linear triggering red Kailh switches. Often disreputable as a cheap version of the popular Cherry MX switches, we couldn’t find any big differences in quality. However, this model completely does without additional keys and outsources functions such as macros or the multimedia control as double assignment to different keys. For the low price, however, this is quite acceptable.

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